Poultry Watering Cups 2 Pack


These do-it-yourself, screw-in poultry watering cups allow you to create a custom sanitary watering system with PVC pipe or plastic container with a lid. The yellow stem releases water automatically, only when chickens drink. Cups are to be screwed into pipe or plastic container by drilling a 3/8" hole in the side or bottom of the pipe or container & inserting each cup. Using pipe thread tape is recommended to make the connection water tight. Nipples may be mounted on the side or bottom of the container or pipe- see instructions on packaging. The cups are meant to be used with a gravity flow system, not a pressurized water supply.

They are red in color to attract your chickens- the birds should naturally know to peck at the cup to get water, or you can "teach" a couple of the birds in your flock by placing their beak to the tip several times until they repeat the action. The rest of the flock should follow suit once a few birds know what to do. One cup accommodates up to 12 chickens. Made from BPA-free plastic.

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