Poultry Waterer Nipples, 4 Pack


These do-it-yourself, screw-in poultry watering nipples allow you to create a custom, sanitary watering system with PVC pipe or plastic container with a lid. They feature a 360 degree stainless steel nipple tip in a screw-in base. Nipples are to be screwed into pipe or plastic container by drilling a 21/64" hole in the bottom of the pipe or container & inserting each nipple. Using pipe thread tape is recommended to make the connection water tight. Nipples must be mounted vertically- they are meant to be used with a gravity flow system, not a pressurized water supply.

The Nipples are red in color to attract your chickens- the birds should naturally know to peck at the nipple to get water, or you can "teach" a couple of the birds in your flock by placing their beak to the tip several times until they repeat the action. The rest of the flock should follow suit once a few birds know what to do. Be sure to position the waterer so that chickens can easily walk under it and reach the nipples by turning their beaks up. Made from BPA-free plastic.

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