QuackUps Hummingbird Solar Powered Bubbler Fountain


Hummingbirds love bathing, drinking, and playing in the water. They not only need water to drink and for their babies, but it’s what keeps them clean and bug-free. QuackUps Hummingbird Solar Bubbler Fountain provides actively moving water without any external power source. It can be located anywhere there is sunlight. It needs no batteries or electricity.

EASY TO USE - NO battery required, no electrical wires! Just ADD Sunlight and Water! It can be easily moved from place to place throughout the day to capture the sunlight.

ATTRACTIVE TO HUMMINGBIRDS - The center is a red dome to attract hummingbirds. They instinctively watch out for everything that is RED stuff and investigate them.

PROVIDES WATER FOR HUMMINGBIRDS - A great water feeder, a place for birds to bathe and clean. A beautiful water fountain to add to your garden decor, blend in with nature, and help with relaxation.

VERY EFFICIENT - When the sun comes out in the morning, the fountain will start working, and automatically turns off at end of the day.

DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED IN THE USA- Proudly made, assembled in USA with parts from other countrys.

MADE of MATERIALS GOOD FOR THE PLANET and Made with ❤️ - The bowl is made from virgin nylon with true bamboo particulate. It will not shatter in time from the sun’s UV rays and it won’t break if dropped. It is lightweight but not flimsy which allows it to be shipped using less energy.

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