Red Cedar Bedding for Small and Large Animals, 141 Liter


Naturally absorbent to keep large animals fresh and clean. Our red cedar bedding is best for larger pets, including dogs and horses. The appealing fragrant wood fibers control moisture, keep animals warm in winter, and naturally drive away fleas, ticks, flies, and mosquitoes.

To use, cover the floor with 3–4 inches of loose bedding. Maintain a healthy environment for your pet by removing all bedding at least once a week, cleaning their enclosure, and replacing with new bedding. Dog beds should be changed weekly. Dog kennels and horse stalls should be freshened daily and changed weekly.

Routine care and maintenance will keep your small pet’s habitat clean, fresh, and safe—for your pet and for you. Bedding should be replaced frequently—at least once a week—to absorb moisture and odors. In addition to regular maintenance, choosing bedding that is free from chemicals and toxins will help ensure your pet’s health and happiness.


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