Retro My Little Pony Twinkle-Eyed Collection, Assorted


Kids have loved Hasbro's My Little Pony since the 1980s, and now we've recreated the fourth set of the original Rainbow Ponies - Sky Rocket, Fizzy, Sweet Stuff, and Gingerbread! With long, shiny rainbow-colored hair that you can style, they look and feel just like you remember and are the perfect gift for kids or adult collectors. Each pony includes a comb, ribbon, puffy sticker and has a unique glitter cutie mark! You can collect all four!

  • Authentic reproductions of the original 1980s ponies!
  • Includes comb, ribbon and sticker!
  • Each Rainbow Pony has a different glitter cutie mark! Collect all four characters (each sold separately).

Ages 3+

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