Root Pouch Fabric Grow Bag One & Done- 2 Gal.

Root Pouch Charcoal Line is a 150g/m2 single-use fabric for commercial grow rooms. Root Pouch is the only fabric container company that offers natural fiber blended fabrics. This style of Root Pouch is designed for medical, recreational, or edible grow rooms. Entrapment root pruning occurs naturally in these containers, leading to a dense, fibrous root system that does not circle the pot.
  • Recommend Uses: Grow rooms, Indoor Growing
  • Charcoal Color
  • Thin Fabric
  • 150 g/m2 natural fiber blend
  • Holds 3.8 Liters
  • 8.5" diameter x 8.5" tall
  • Semi-degradable, one and done
  • UV Resistant
  • BPA Free
  • Non-Toxic
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