Shafer Safflower Seed


Safflower Seed is a great seed to use to attract the birds you want - Cardinals, Chickadees, Titmice, and Grosbeaks - and at the same time discourage the “feeder hogs” like Grackles and Starlings that keep smaller birds away.

And best of all, most squirrels don’t like the bitter taste so they will stay away as well.

  • Cardinals love it ... Squirrels don’t!
  • Found in many gourmet mixes
  • Disliked by most squirrels
  • Add to tube feeder; mix or feed from platform feeder or ground
  • Cardinals love Safflower

If you have unwanted birds & squirrels crowding out your Songbirds, temporarily fill your feeder with Safflower Seed for a few days until you see fewer nuisance visitors -- then gradually mix in your favorite wild bird food.

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