Tru Pro Double Action Weeder & Hoe with Fiberglass Handle 35173

by Truper

Make easy work of weeding your garden rows with this double action weeding hoe.

The Tru Pro Double Action Weeder & Hoe is part of Truper's premium line, true to the specs of contractor, professional-grade tools geared toward those who wish to make the move to high-end tools. The dual edge blades work great together whether you're chopping, weeding, clearing of overgrowth or cultivating the soil.

  • Cuts weed roots below the surface
  • Cultivator, weeder & edging tool
  • 54" fiberglass handle with 9" cushion end grip.
  • Sharp double edge blade
  • Also known as a "scuttle hoe" or "stirrup hoe"
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