Velcro One-Wrap Pre-Cut Plant & Garden Ties 6 in. x 1/2 in. 12-Pack

by Velcro

Velcro Brand Garden Ties make garden staking easy with no knots, twists, or ties. Simply wrap the VELCRO® Brand tie onto itself for a secure hold around the plant and post, stake, tomato cage, or trellis. VELCRO® Brand Plant Ties garden straps are reusable, adjustable and gentle on plants. A gardening must have.

  • Gentle on Plants - Soft side won't scratch or damage plants. Wraps onto itself for a secure hold. Plant supports are easy to reposition for growing blooms
  • Weather Resistant - Post, stake or trellis with confidenct. Secures in stormy weather and extreme conditions.
  • Strong & Durable Plant Support - Secure peppers, tomato plants and vines. Strong to withstand weight of plants and inclement weather, yet soft on plants
  • Perfect for House Plant Support - Use to stake top-heavy houseplants and natural climbers for quick growth
  • Made from 65% Recycled Plastic - Resuable so you can reduce waste. Support the move towards a sustainable future
  • Package includes (12) 6 inch x 1/2 inch pre-cut garden ties
  • Cut plant tie to required length, allowing for a minimum 2″ overlap.
  • For added strength on larger jobs, increase overlap.
  • Wrap onto itself for secure hold.
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