Wildflower Bouquet Mix, 2-lb


Brighten your landscape with a burst of brilliantly colored flowers. We make it easy with this all-in-one formula that contains natural wildflower seed, mulch, plant food, and soil conditioners. Our Bouquet Mix is a carefully selected blend of 9 wildflower species, including cosmos, rocket larkspur, zinnia, and Shasta daisy.

  • All-In-One Formula- Contains natural wildflower seeds, mulch, plant food, and soil conditioners.
  • Annuals & Perennials- Includes a vibrant mixture of annuals and perennials that are ideal for use as cut flowers. The all-natural wildflower seeds tested to ensure purity and the highest germination rates.
  • Easy Maintenance- Designed to bloom throughout the season with minimal care or maintenance.
  • Water Right Crystals- When it comes to growing plants, the right amount of moisture makes all the difference. Our patented Water Right Crystals™ provide an ideal guide for when and how much to water. Simply water until the crystals expand and sparkle. When the crystals disappear, it is time to water again!

2-lbs. covers 200 sq. ft.

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