Creosote Sweeping Log


Independent test results demonstrate that using the Creosote Sweeping Log (CSL) can reduce creosote deposits in wood burning stoves. When used in a fireplace, CSL can render the creosote more brittle. Subsequent mechanical sweepings are easier, cleaner and more effective.

  • Creosote, the dark brown or black flammable substance produced by wood fires, can be found on almost every wood-fueled heating system. This sticky, tar-like substance can ignite causing a dangerous chimney fire.
  • In addition to an improved creosote reduction, CSL reduces new creosote build-up in your flue pipe, making your next fire safer.
  • The amount of creosote created in a fireplace or woodstove will vary based on the installation and condition of the appliance, the type and dryness of wood used, and frequency of use. Less efficient appliances and less seasoned or greener woods will produce more creosote and may require more frequent cleaning.
  • Lower temperature fires, used during moderately cold weather, will result in a more rapid buildup of creosote than hotter fires used in the coldest temperatures.
  • The more creosote your chimney has, the more important it will be to clean your flue and have a regular inspection. Remember, the CSL will not tell you if your chimney is blocked or has any kind of structural damage. Only a qualified chimney expert will be able to determine a chimney's overall condition.

Be sure to read and follow all of the included directions.

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