Espoma Organic Garden Soil for Flowers & Vegetables 1 Cu. Ft.

by Espoma

Espoma All Natural & Organic Vegetable and Flower Garden Soil is enhanced with Myco-tone® Mycorrhizae and fortified with Earthworm Castings, making it perfect for in-ground plantings

When to use:
Mix with native soil at time of planting.

Canadian sphagnum peat moss, aged forest products, aged humus, limestone to adjust pH, earthworm castings, alfalfa meal, kelp meal, feather meal, and yucca extract.

Active Ingredients:

Ectomycorrhizal Fungi: A total of 131.38 propagules / cc (3.7 million propagules per cubic foot) of the following 5 species:
Pisiolithus tinctorius 105.66
Rhizopogon luteolus 8.57
Rhizopogon roseolus 8.57
Scleroderma citrinum 4.29
Scleroderma verrucosum 4.29

Endomycorrhizal Fungi: A total of 0.072 propagules / cc (2,040 propagules per cubic foot) of the following 4 species
Rhizophagus irregularis 0.018
Septoglomus deserticola 0.018
Claroideoglomus etunicatum 0.018
Funneliformis mosseae 0.018

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