Green Scapes Eco-Friendly Ice Melt 50-Lbs.

Green Scapes™ is an eco-friendly ice melter. Blended with Magnesium Chloride and infused with Ice Ban, Green Scapes™ is an innovative product that is safer for sidewalks and vegetation. This environmentally friendly option also features a green color indicator that makes for easier and fewer applications. While still boasting a melting point that rivals other blends, Green Scapes™ has a lower chloride content.
  • Each granule is encapsulated with Liquid Ice Ban
  • Enhanced with a green color indicator for easy application
  • Safer for concrete, vegetation and pets than rock salt when used correctly
  • Requires fewer applications than rock salt
  • Friendlier on the environment
  • Effectively melts ice and snow in temperatures down to -10F

Contains: Sodium Chloride sprayed with Liquid Magnesium Chloride, Ice Ban, Corrosion Inhibitor & Green Dye

About Liquid Ice Ban
Ice Ban is an organically based product which was introduced in the nineties to aid in melting of snow and ice. This product is friendlier on the environment, less corrosive, biodegradable, fast-acting and composed of natural ingredients.

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