Havahart® Medium 1-Door Trap


Model #1078 - 24in. x 7in. x 7in.

Catching mid-sized animal pests can be tricky, but with the Havahart® Medium 1-Door trap, you can confidently capture squirrels, rabbits, or skunks before they cause damage to your landscape, build nests in your home, or spray curious pets or children. Trapping animal pests in a humane manner, in a way that's safe both for you and the animal, is the specialty of Havahart®. Using this trap, you can confidently remove pests from your property and release them far away from settled areas.

  • Best used for rabbits, skunks, and squirrels
  • Spring-loaded door quickly reacts to lock animal in securely and prevents escapes
  • Smooth edges inside the trap help prevent injury to the animal
  • Solid metal door and handle guard protect you from contact with the animal
  • Constructed with durable, rust-resistant galvanized steel
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