Jiffy Strips 8 Biodegradable Peat Strips (32 Cell)

by Jiffy
These Jiffy-Strips include four (4) strip trays, each with eight (8) 2-1/2" square seed-starting cells, for a total of 32 celled trays!

Biodegradable peat strips are a convenient, no-mess way to start flower and vegetable seeds and cuttings. Made of Canadian sphagnum peat moss and wood pulp to provide your seeds a rich, high-quality growing environment.

To Use: (instructions included with packaging)
  • Place on a watertight base tray (or something similar)
  • Add your sowing medium (not included)
  • Wet strips until walls are completely saturated
  • Sow your seeds (not included) according to the seed packet instructions
Included: 4 strips of 8 celled trays (32 cells)
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