Audubon Mini Absolute II Bird Feeder 23804


The Mini Absolute II Bird Feeder is a smaller version of the popular squirrel-resistant Absolute bird feeder. It features weight-sensitive perches that close down the seed ports if a squirrel tries to snatch a snack. The Mini Absolute also has a metal roof that locks securely to keep those pesky squirrels out of the hopper. It is fully assembled and hangs from the included heavy-duty hanger. This mighty little feeder is easy to fill and clean, and made from powder coated steel for durability. It is double-sided to attract more birds, and holds 4 lbs. of your favorite mixed seed, sunflower or safflower so your feathered friends should never go hungry. Beautiful and functional, this sturdy feeder makes a great gift or addition to your own yard.

Dimensions: 13.5" x 11.5" x 8.25"

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