Squirrel-Be-Gone II Country-Style Bird Feeder 338

Featuring the Squirrel-B-Gone weight activated system this feeder boasts durable, all-metal construction. It holds up to 8 lbs. of mixed seed, sunflower, hulled sunflower or safflower seed. Fill the feeder easily through the removable roof. This feeder can be hung or pole mounted. Large perches are excellent for many of your favorite wild birds, including Cardinals.
  • Attracts a variety of birds
  • Completely blocks out squirrels from feeding
  • Red color with galvanized roof and Cardinal weathervane
  • Removable roof peak with lock makes filling easy
  • Four position, adjustable spring allows for custom settings
  • Durable, all-metal construction stands up against squirrels
  • Powder-coated finish provides rust resistance and durability
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