Superior TX-10 Iodized Salt 50-Lbs.

by US Salt
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  • Nutritional source of iodine
  • Free-flowing
  • Kosher certified
  • Recommended for Food and Non-Food applications

Superior TX-10® Iodized Salt is a food grade, cubic crystalline Sodium Chloride of variable particle size distribution. This salt is obtained from underground salt deposits by deep well solution mining. Subsequent evaporation of this brine by the vacuum pan system, under stringent process control, provides the highest purity and minimal insoluble extraneous matter for salt. The food grade anti-caking agent, Yellow Prussiate of Soda (YPS), is added in accordance with 21CFR 172.490. When this salt is incorporated into a food product, the additive is considered incidental, non-functional and exempt from label declaration under 21CFR 101.100(a)(3).

Potassium Iodide is added as a nutritional source of Iodine and Dextrose, as a stabilizer.

Superior TX-10® Iodized Salt is recommended for use where iodized salt is desired in formulations such as spices and seasonings, canned pet foods and snacks.

Approved Use
Superior TX-10® Iodized Salt is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for use in foods and meets Food Chemicals Codex standards for Sodium Chloride. It is acceptable for direct use in meat products under USDA/ MIS standards and is annually kosher certified as OU.

Ingredients: Salt, Dextrose, Potassium Iodide (0.006%), Sodium bicarbonate, Yellow Prussiate of Soda