Taylor Precision 13.25" Big & Bold Dial Thermometer 6700


Ideal for gardeners and outdoors enthusiasts alike, this attractive outdoor wall thermometer features a temperature range from -60 to 120°F and -50 to 50°C. An extra-large 13.25-inch display provides at-a-glance readings from far away, while the thermometer's shatterproof lens is designed to withstand harsh elements without compromising visibility. Its tough, weather-resistant finish resists stains and will not fade. The dial thermometer is lightweight, mounts easily on any flat surface, and fits perfectly into any deck, patio, screen room or garage layout. With both F° and C° scales, you'll always have the most accurate readings at-hand in any temperature format.* Makes a great gift.

Temperature range:
-60° Fahrenheit to 120° Fahrenheit
-50° Celsius to 50° Celsius

*Do not place in direct sunlight.